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lots of sunshine, are wary. the full of mud affect your druggist morning. would begin with our occupiers in front of the federal reserve in san francisco. they are gonna have been evicted. the scene here behind me and and the sidewalk in front of the federal reserve building is one we haven't seen in about a year. police are trying to make sure occupiers don't come back and occupy the sidewalk began a career. about a dozen people remain try to figure out where they're going to go. hear some video. police have been working on the parts for more than two weeks of this deadline. last
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month 1130 police moved in after giving i final global warming for them to leave. arresting and siding about 40 people and are releasing them immediately. we know that the orders have been coming from washington and beyond the the what of this year end. we didn't move because we are exercising our first amendment rights of free speech to let them know that were not going to take it anymore. glass that a lot of his belongings were packed up by police and tag. occupiers were told they could pick them up at a later time. it needs to work on a water leak underneath the federal reserve building. no injuries reported not a lot of trauma. the sun hanging around
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the area of the. when national month nightmare for football fans is over. the referee association have reached a deal. the full- time referees could be back action but the night. fenced he plans coaches can but read a the site of relief because regular referees are expected to be back on the field tonight. they have reached a tentative deal. this comes after nearly four months of the lockup period of last 80 years referees will get a pay increase from $149,000 per year to $173,000 in 2013. the panel raised $205,000 in 2013. the to
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have a special event at odds over pay and pensions. referee'' wanted to keep the pension plans of the nfl wanted to switch into 41 k retirement plans. this deal was done just in time to get a team of reps on the fields and die. were studying them or were of all the new rules. but on working on tax and keeping ourselves and should. we're ready to go at a moment's notice. the latest fiasco with the replacement ruffs happened on monday night between the game of the packers and seahawks. the taut rescued a touchdown to the seahawks although many say it should be called an interception. the fallout is what led to these two days of
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nonstop discussions. a tentative deal was reached. the nfl commissioner sang, we look forward to having a finance officials and supports back on the field. now start to put the focus back on the teams and players were it belongs. the plan still is to be voted on and signed off on. it should happen this weekend. the nhl lockout has canceled the sharks' first preseason game that was set for tonight. sat house is set for a major financial pinch. about $800,000 will be lost in the downtown san jose area on game nights. all nhl games through sunday have been cancelled.
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the week's nfl fans were a sat in the nhl friends are unhappy. at least reducing football. but here were not even getting in the hockey. were setting out some dense fog early on especially as you approach the coastline. high pressure building overhead. that is going to break up though. i think even the coastline will be assisted some sunshine said. the temperatures running in the '40's and 50's outside. temperatures soaring girl into the '80s. as you get inside of the lots of 70's movie a couple
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of these. 67 degrees in san francisco. what more not in a moment. you see traffic a little foggy on the golden gate bridge as you head into san francisco. dense fog along highway 35 and highway one chp has issued a broad advisory tree. no trouble along the dumbarton bridge. this construction project also brought up. he somehow or for continues ad. road. was the force the holding steady. a wild finish to a chase in san francisco early yesterday even evening. it ought begin
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with the robbery and then ended with a crush and the western addition. officers spotted the suspect speed on history after hussites would be one of our news events. apart into two parked cars on buchanan street. it was dipping through two intersections and then gets trickier slams into the side of the van. least two people were injured including a child that was hit by debris from the crash. to the suspects taken to the hospital. the third suspect is in police custody. investigators are looking for it suspect shot and killed a man in a quiet oakland neighborhood. just after 630 last night witnesses said they heard multiple gunshots on vermont street near grand ave. officers are ride to find a man with one gun shot wounds sitting in a parked car. he was
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pronounced dead at the scene. neighbors were shocked by the violence. this is really random i've lived here for over two years that and have never had any issues. police have no motive or police suspect the tatum and that may be linked to the takeover robber of a sickly creatures or robbery. five armed robbers stormed this port on bankrupt ave on tuesday night. it ordered workers and customers to the store and stole money from the cash registers. no one was is injured in the entire incident happened in less than a minute. he was wounded in the chest when someone fired 16 shots into the family home in east oakland. he is recovering from five surgeries and a serious injury
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to his liver. i was sleeping right here and in the bullets'. i felt a strong pain that was burning and i saw blood everywhere. i was going pretty crazy. no one has been or roasted ham police said the don't know why the home was targeted. reagan showed up at a community meeting at least help them a victory party in this report are stockton that is home to a museum. that area has seen an uptick in violence. he says his grandmother was robbed recently and he was attacked in his car. police are not doing much. the only bit of advice he could give him was to take his
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grandmother and moved. unless i'm shooting or muster shooting at me they just don't come. been trying to leave the stockton police force. an east bay fifth reader is in big trouble for bringing in aerosol pistol to school here. the student but that what it on campus last week and carried in his backpack to threaten others. their stock funds are plastic pellets. the letter was sent to parents. it is disturbing that no student reported a threat. ofthe train to draw attentin to the rising crime prostitution in particular. they're put the blame to a smaller police force. the centaurea urban ministry
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arlene the march on south first street. fines of up to $29,000 and dick would be levied against the city feels to deliver. renters have new protections under the hot water spoke of rights. the governor signed a fine of three bills aimed at protecting homeowners in the midst of the mortgage crisis. people to purchase foreclosed homes will not have to honor the current tenants least. if it is the least renters must get at least 90 days' notice. the pat protections for people who rent their homes. a new lead wars can knobs. landlords can still in
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force general snowpacks policies. courting the battleground states how both presidential candidate start trying to persuade undecided voters. the bomb blast at the country's military headquarters and syria. of code in florida brought a four pack of beer to a knife four pack of beer to a knife fight and one. we stand for farmers owning the company; for them taking responsibility for the products they make; for them being in the right place at the right time for over 100 years making tillamook cheese from tillamook, oregon; for these farmers never wavering from their commitment to excellence.
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of the a lot of good news report it looks really good up there right now. much of the bay bridge traffic is very light this morning. if you have to wake up and go to work your in box. same goes for the san mateo bridge both directions easygoing. delays between hey were imposters city. over to our maps with a slight accident reported when one northbound at third. we have a bit of fallout
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across the golden gate bridge so you might have some limited visibility as you work your way out of a recount the. according to a of times it's been an easy ride. sat on 11 west of 580 to the altamont pass forcing some of espy's the been below 40 m.p.h.. the south but also looks good lots of green espy's northbound on a one as you work your way through san jose. study of a dense fog as he approached the coast. that's the big trouble spot weather was. otherwise were looking good for into the next couple of days as high pressure begins to build overhead. as we head towards the
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afternoon a lot of the fog is going to make the outcome of this morning it's very thick. temperatures in the 40's and 30's but afternoon skies becoming clear his son shot inside the day. some nineties began to show up in the four inland valleys. '60s up towards the close on with a mixture of sunshine and fog. high pressure building and overhead were to see whatever shares on with the day but over the next few days as a bridge built. in once again has a 793163 pacific at upper 80s and never more about 90 degrees in britain would. a former 67 degrees in
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san francisco. susan 70's possible there has been cool things off as we head towards next week. haft a sixth grade teacher from the east bay under arrest to be accused of committing a lewd acts under the age of 14. officers arrested the spent at a albany home. the parasite is showing that he's also the athletic coordinator. asked the teacher now being held on a hundred of those belt. the mother of a suicide attack on a major military facility in syria. but and the gun battles of followed killed at least five
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people. a free syrian army claimed responsibility for the attacks. spain's government is set to unveil more economic measures. the missouri and into higher taxes tree this and the suspense about and the european central bank could do it an estimated 50,000 people took to the streets of athens today. the country's governing coalition is having another meeting to discuss budget cuts as it tries to obtain rescue loans. the student attended events in ohio. that's another state considered crucial to success. half will discuss the effects of china on the u.s. economy. the president has had multiple opportunities to little
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china as a currency manipulator. he's been talking tough on china he says is going to take a bite to them. it sells better than talking about all the years he spent auditing from companies that sent our jobs to try. the latest poll shows president obama leaving in the buckeye state. the a's had a big yesterday in texas. it took him years but he's finally play football for real. a former felon roughly committed of a crime,, i'm so glad you called. thank you. we're not in london, are we?
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'40's and 50's click on the bid list as well through milpitas. what a closer look at this update covering up. a store clerk reported use what he had to and to protect his business. of a man tried to rob the store in florida and the suspect pulled the employees shirt over his head in stockton with a pocket knife during the
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robbery. the thief took cash from the register and that's when the store clerk got fed up and and reach 44 peter of beer and threw it at the suspect. he drop the cash and hightailed it out of the store. a former high-school football also falsely accused of whip made his professional debut last button. he signed with the united football league's. this is showing a great deal of promise and its hero to be up on the field. to be up here on the sidelines have an opportunity to see so is guys but it's an amazing players on this team. i hope he does while locals did the wind. the a is this just a little bit closer to the american
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league west last night. judge johnson space it rose on the the glove and that sparked a big 93 victory. oakland is now 3m's back in the division. the come home. the judge to try to bit closer to the national record. for a catcher that is remarkable. the giants rolled to an easy winner since nothing a big win over the diamondbacks. the twins had been repeal it will hit a grounder. it split up for the first and watch it felt good he scooped the bone and that al. football fans can we finally
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hit a finally the nfl locker that helped it lifted. what it took to get the referee's back on the field. a mercedes paz into several cars including our newsstand. hello all started. occupied protest that had become a sentence is the mainstay for about a year is no more this morning. we talked to some who are,,
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gross return to the field. walker lifted after controversial on call the real gross return to the field. funds into the side of the van. chris this thing ever. a wild chase over and our pad in san francisco. an 11 year-old boy shot and his bad comes home. president obama and mitt romney are following each other from one state to the next. hes
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: developing news right now. one glass in the occupied camps in the bay area has been cleared up. a federally reserve building is behind me. this the first time the sidewalk is unclear about a year. please support of some fencing to make sure occupiers do not return. some of the move across the street. appear to have scattered in the past 20 minutes. this is what the camp look like this month.
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at 11:30 p.m. please move in after getting a final verbal warning arresting and siding about 40 people and then releasing them immediately people. it was like a breath of fresh air. and in the air was fresh on top of that. this is happens sometimes that is becoming pretty evident ho ho that there is a real opera to keep a grass-roots movement from rising the way it did last time. hear some video. a lot of the belongings were packed up and tied by police. the content of but a later time. the city needs to do some work on watt underneath the sidewalk and and if the building. because of a water leak. no estimate on how long that is going to take.
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a wild chase to the streets of san francisco pins with the mercedes car into several cars included one of our cbs five newsstands. it all began with the robber yesterday afternoon in the pacific heights neighborhood. it ended with a clash in the western addition just minutes after the robbery stop speeding on on on new. the way car lost control and plowed into two parked cars on beacon street. it was slipping through two intersections it gets right here slams into the van and vaporizes into the air. craziest the ever. to people were injured including a child who was injured at a brief period of two suspects taken to hospital and remain under guard this morning.
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football fans can finally agreed easier. last night the nfl and referee association finally reached a deal. the rally in the ball rolling on this thing and we could see red the referee's back on the field tonight for the baltimore cleveland game. a lot of fans very happy about that. this comes after a nearly four month long off lockout. this they have reached a tentative deal in this is what includes print it would last eight years of the freeze will get a raise from $149,000 to a courier to 107 that some dollars in 2013 the payable guys in 20 to $205,000. the benefits package changes. the nfl and the union had been at odds over pay and pensions. referees' wanted to
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keep the packages with the nfl wanted to switch to 401 k eight retirement plans. primarily criticism that they made some big mistakes and watch costs. the tentative deal was done just in time to get a team of referee's back on the field for tonight's game. we've been studying and were aware of all the new rules. would been working on test and keeping ourselves and shape. were it to go at a moment's notice. we could from our perspective to it that it would be obsolete. controversy happen monday night between the packers in the seattle seahawks. green bay was up and the seahawks through an intersection past but it should have been called. two officials in the in some are seeking to different calls. the fall from
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that latitude nonstop discussions in the deal was reached. the commissioner released a statement. now it's time to put the focus back on the teams and players where it belongs. a little union still is to be voted on and signed off on. that will likely happen this weekend but a lot of football flans players even coaches definitely reading a sigh of relief as this is all finally coming to an end. san jose sharks press preseason game was canceled tonight. local businesses are to field financial pinch. analysts estimate a hundred thousand dollars of revenue will be lost in downtown san jose for each canceled game. physicists had already cut some staffing 4 do
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game nights. our initial games through sunday night have been cancelled. run the build area were looking at some dense fog early on. as a crush the coast line is going to make out. this the son of some more weather if you completed. temperatures running in the '40's and '50's visibility is down to a half a mile in santa rosa. by the afternoon expect it is plenty of sunshine as the start to walk up. 87 morgan hill low 90s in antioch and britain today. 86 in concord 88 degrees in livermore. 67 and san francisco and 72 degrees in alameda. warm weather
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to come. 52 our photographer edgar to standing back at 101 entirely. give yourself some extra time as you get on the freeway when one looks pretty good. we do have reports of a trouble spot along won a one and a short. here's a live look at conditions through milpitas. traffic clear through there. reports of an accident tree for africa's free-flowing. sat on watt won not showing any problems after heading towards as of all. investigators are looking for a suspect at shot and killed a man in a quiet oakland neighborhood. just after 630 glass that some witnesses said they heard multiple gunshots on for months tree. officers
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arrived on to fight a man with at least one gunshot wound sitting in a parked car. he was pronounced dead at the scene. neighbors were shocked by the violence. this is really read them i've lived here for over two years now. i've had no issues i've always felt safe never felt any issues of the skit walking. please have no motive or suspects. police detained a man that may be linked to the takeover robbery of a crush restore. investigators caught up with the minister day in 98 ave. there is no word on whether he is still in custody. five armed robbers stormed the store on the crop ave tuesday night. it ordered workers and customers to the four and stole money from the cash registers. no one was injured and the entire heights happen in less than a minute. this great teacher from the east bay under reciprocity is accused of committing the act on a child under the age of 14.
5:40 am
they arrested him yesterday. the watt said shows that he is also the athletic coordinator at the school. he had inappropriate relationship with a former student as he was turned over to the sheriff's office after his arrest. he is being held on the hundred thousand dollars bail. in east a fifth grader is in big trouble for birdie in the air assault pistol to school. school officials at an elementary school say he brought the weapon on campus last week. the boy carried in his backpack and threaten some other students. they're soft guns part plastic pellets. a letter was sent out to parents sang the principal ride so that is disturbing that no student reported the threat and that if any of the students feel intimidated they would report the situation. a 11 year-old boy is out of
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the hospital less than a week after he was shot while lying in bed. he was wounded in the chest and some fall fired 16 bullets into his family's home. he is recovering from five surgeries and a serious injury to his liver i was sleeping right here and in the bullet went through right there. i felt a strong. that was burning and then i saw blood everywhere. it was so crazy. no one has been arrested and police say they don't know why did know what the whole was started. they're organizing 860 marks this evening in san jose pretty trying to draw attention to an increase in crime especially prostitutions. they put the blame on a smaller police force due to budget cuts.
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purely in the march of that is on suffer street. the city of san francisco could face a costly penalties if certain venues for the america's cup are ready by next march. funds of $29,000 per day would be levied if the city fails to deliver his peers 2730 and 32. the university never seen it before. the amazing picture captured by nasa's that the hubble telescope regional how the british prime hi, i'm amy for downy unstopables
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suzan solomon: the money stays at the school site. cade derry: what i would really like to see is that the teachers... that were laid off come back to the school. navaz hurd: a smaller class size. navaz hurd: as a mom i want that. as a teacher i want that.
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the literal translation wow is. . . he was stumps. that is prime minister david karen being stumped and british history on that and i think he was a little embarrassed. he didn't know the english translation of the mad makarova which is greece charter in is getting a lot of chatter and the british talk shows this morning. did waves and not sure that's fair. giveaways the u.s. labor department had just released the latest numbers on
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jobless claims there were 26,000 fewer initial claims last week compared with the week before it is the lowest level in two months. also surprising news out this week apparently not all credit scores are created equal. there are problems highlighted with the current system. cbs money watchdog, is here to explain what you need to know about your credit card we'll start with a question at all leary know the answer to why's your credits or so important? he equates these those scores to predict how good we are at a rate managing credit and repaying loans that hire are credit scored the higher the risk and therefore the the lower their rates risk. there are three major agencies. bis there are also lots of different credit scores the most popular
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the you probably heard about this fight go but there plenty of other ones and those of the basics that have to know before we get into it. so what did this siepi be finding its analysis. so when you buy a car and squirm he may find that the numbers are very different from the scores the your lender actually sees according to the c f p b 19 to 24% a daytime those differences are putting consumers and a lower credit category which means we cannot be paying higher interest rates on loans and not even realize it. this can also affect your job search in your application. store landlords sell these cars are really importance now. select to read too? first of all you got to request a free credit report
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every single year from annual crime report dr. tom. check the reports. make sure if your credit report has an inaccurate information temples _. if all these lenders to use in their own proprietary models and the scores are very different is shed encourage you to shop around. but again the most important thing you need to watch out for is your credit reports. we will show you how to fix those errors is kind of a pain in the neck over 30 years this could cost you a lot of money so want to get this all fixed now. tivoli's the all-
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important weekend is ever so close. and the ratings are going up in a hurry we're talking sunshine and warm temperatures looks like the original pressure will build and lesley gore started out as she fog and visibility is a half a mile and some of the north bank the very carefully the temperatures running in the 40's and '50's right now but what did you beautiful autumn afternoon. the '70's and low 80s and 90s in the interior valley and '60s that for the coastline right now we're looking at how she dense fog and sfo that could cause some delays this morning by another clear out with plenty of sunshine around the country 90 in houston could see some more showers and thunderstorms and 74 scattered showers expected in new york so they're ridge of high pressure builds in never had and will continue to strengthen our next few days we
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may see a week off kicking into the weekend if i happens with clear skies for the coast and more why there pettifog toward the coastline early on but it's going to be compressed by get strong ridge building and so not much in treason '70s and '80s and said much of the same as' maybe some low 90s by the inland. looking at 60¢ '70s and warmer weather on the way enjoy its is the warmest summers of the season then big-time changes coming our way next week but to the bay bridge toll plaza where were starting to see a few more cars on the roadway so he might need a few extra minutes as you head out the door this morning no metering lights just gets and it looks pretty get across the upper deck in san francisco and golden gate is a little foggy this morning northbound 11 into
5:51 am
san francisco and live look you can see traffic most of the right shoulder. so if you have roadwork he read a leigh anne relic railroad did not this afternoon as early as 1:00 on the flip side the west from high for is where we're starting see bright lights as you come off the bridge said give yourself extra time in that area. also seen delays to the pass that is getting a busy 18 minutes west bound by the towards 680 that is a look at traffic by sealed. the presidential candidates will both have campaign events a day in and will be the third straight day for president obama's and ronnie to reappear in the same states another state considered crucial to success in november the latest polls show president obama's leading
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in the buckeye state time now is time 31, lisa may have another secret new questions about the famous painting. + the real-life message in a bottle the unusual friendship and,,,,,,,,,,,,
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5:55 am
the hubble space telescope to assemble this view. and according to scientists it appears back 13.2 billion years into the universe is passed that is thought to be about 13.7 billion years old. united divan she may have had an earlier go at the lady with domestic smile and swiss- based foundation announced it will unveil a younger version of the mali that lisa one that predates his masterpiece the tortured to be presented today shows a woman appearing to be in her early 20s rather than early thirties of the louvre painting in paris. i've never seen that it is very small like here. but crowds and crowds. the woman in australia makes a rare discovery by a local beach. she found a message that traveled thousands of miles barbara
5:56 am
richards found an odd shell with the message all the way from england the messenger is this four year-old it was intended for her aunts and lives off the coast of the uk. the old jasmine didn't realize how bad the she had missed the mark until she got a letter by months later in australia i was very happy that it went to australia. i love her accent. their friends on face up hope one day to meet in person. at bottom a pretty good time saw working its way to australia. and this will let the woman sent a letter to her. a little geography lesson. it's the wait is over for all of you fed up football fans the breakthrough deal the referees are coming back. it was
5:57 am
the craziest thing ever. a mercedes kids are newsmen how i high-speed chase started overnight had. this morning is sally had not seen in about a year to clear a sidewalk in front of the federal reserve building.,,,,,,,
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